Friday, October 29, 2010

Girl's Spa Party

Last weekend I had my first experience as a Party Planner. Offered to help out a friend with throwing her daughter's 11th birthday party. With five kids and a farm to run, she was excited to have a special party for her oldest without a lot of extra work for her. I brought everything for crafts, spa activities, and favors, leaving the food and cake to mom.

We started off the party with decorating satin eye masks (made from leftovers from Griffin's superhero capes). I made some cardboard stencils for eyes and eyelashes they could trace onto adhesive felt (again leftovers) then cut out to decorate their masks, finishing with fabric pens. My serger did not work quite as well for the masks as I would have liked, but the girls did not notice and jumped right into the craft. wearing their eye masks for most of the party.

We moved outside to mix up Bathsalts, epsom salts shaken up with scents and colors (from the soap aisle at Michael's). Then Brown Sugar Scrub, mixing plain brown sugar with sweet almond oil fora simple exfoliating scrub. Every girl got to take home a small 4oz jelly jar of each. Then we moved on to the Spa Activities.

My sister and I have done Spa Parties for adults over the past few years, so we have everything for facials and foot treatments. We use Mama Rose's Naturals Products and even have face steamers and paraffin hand wax. I decided to do manicures and hand treatments with the girls instead of trying to cart around tubs of water for 10 girls to soak their feet. Besides, how sore can 11 year old feet be.

I had the girls wash their faces with an Mama Rose's all natural face wash, steam them to open their pores, and apply a face mask they mixed up themselves. While their masks dried, they gave themselves "manicures". The one thing I would do differently if I do it again is to have a couple moms ready to paint the girl's nails, and have a better set up to be able to soak and scrub their hands, teaching them steps to do their own manicure. There was only so much room with 10 excited girls running around.

Once their nails were dry and their faces freshly washed, they dipped their hands in paraffin wax. The girls really got a kick out of dipping their hands in the warm wax and letting it cool and solidify on their hands. They waited in line for a second turn, entertained by watching the wax dry.

The Birthday Girl!

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