Monday, January 3, 2011

New Years Resolutions

Every January we begin with the best of intentions, filled with aspirations for change in the new year. This year I am simply going to list the things I hoped to do last year, and hope I will manage to accomplish a few of them in 2011. So far I have already made progress on each of these goals in just the first three days of the year. Here goes...

1. Blog an average of one time per week. My previous goal was once every two weeks, but I really enjoyed writing more often this fall, until my laptop ended up in the shop for weeks at a time. With my cute new netbook for Christmas (thanks Honey!), should be much easier to juggle with a wiggly baby.

2. Get Organized! I just discovered A Bowl Full Of Lemons Blog, and signed up for her 21 Day Challenge. I have a couple challenges to catch up on, but more on that soon. I see what I want to get done every day around my house, but never know where to start. I just get overwhelmed.

3. Learn more about ADD and how to not get too overwhelmed to get anything done. I have always known I have tendencies toward ADD. But between sleep deprivation with a new baby, and the grief that never quite goes away from losing one, I do not think they are just "tendencies" anymore. I just cannot seem to focus.

4. Lose weight. I have gone back on Weight Watchers this month, which has worked well for me in the past. With my husband joining me in tracking points this month, we are filling the kitchen with yummy, healthy foods to help me stay on track. Maybe I will finally get back to my pre-Griffin weight, or lower, or at least out of my early/post pregnancy clothes.

5. Submit my craftroom to Studios Magazine. Every time I get a new issue of this magazine I am inspired to finish organizing and decorating my craftroom, and try to get it featured in a future issue. This past week I have spent a little time almost every day working on it during Willow's afternoon nap. I am so lucky to have the space I do to create arts and crafts with my friends and our kids.

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