Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Getting Organized in the New Year

My Mom picked up an interesting book called 4 Weeks to a Organized Life with AD/HD which I borrowed before she headed back to Canada, and will just have to mail her in about a month. My "homework" for Day One was to create a Calm Relaxed Space where I can go to practice using my "visual brain" to help me Visualize the steps to accomplish what I need to get done, without getting sidetracked by my typical distractions.

I finally finished moving into our New Bedroom, emptying Bins of prepregnancy clothes, and getting rid of the Changing Pad on my Dresser... all things I should have done about ten months ago when we moved in. I even put a Curtain (free hand-me-down from a friend) over my Closet to hide the remaining cluter. Since I spend at least an hour a day in my rocking chair getting baby down for naps, this is the perfect spot to practice the new skills I am learning as I work my way through this book.

Then yesterday I discovered A Bowl Full Of Lemons' 21 Day Challenge and jumped right in. I decided to count the top of my Dresser as my Desk for Challenge #2. Today's Tupperware Cabinets challenge was already on my to do list, and my cabinets look great now (though my husband reminds me I still have to finish recycling the mismatched lids, etc.).

Tomorrow's Challenge is the Linen Closet, which I don't have. I am already down to only two sets of sheets per bed, and finally got rid of the last of the Full sized Sheets last year. Have not had a full size bed in our house in several years! But I am sure I can purge a few more old Towels and organize all those towel cabinets.

It's not too late to join the 21 Day Challenge! I am loving having someone else tell me what to focus on each day. I have already tackled two of the areas I have been looking at for months, but never know where to start. It's all the stuff we keep meaning to do, but never get to. Check it out!

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