Monday, February 7, 2011

Getting My Craft On!

A Very Crafty Week:

Saturday - Scrapbooking, all day event. Finally got back to working on my Wedding Album, set aside many years ago when I tried selling Creative Memories and worked on other albums using CM materials. Hoping to finish before my 15th wedding anniversary in June, and finally get my baby albums going.

Monday - Birthday Party Invitations, green cards and envelopes, add a little vellum (easier to print on) and polkadot ribbon ($1 per roll at Big Lots). Print cute poem written by Carissa, cut to fit, punch a few holes for attaching to card with ribbon and just because I thought they should be holey. And they were ready to mail.

Tuesday - Seedball Making Workshop with Griffin. He kept his hands remarkably clean for rolling dozens of little balls of clay, compost, and wildflower seeds. Organized by Urban Abundance. Cannot wait to try this with the MOMS Club Garden Club.

Wednesday - Craft Night, a friend hosts a monthly get together. This month there were people scrapbooking, knitting, crocheting, making valentines, and I started cutting fabric squares for party favors. I love this monthly chance to craft when I do not have to organize anything of even clean my craftroom.

Thursday - Bean Bags and Egg Shakers, party favors for Willow (and Liam)'s 1st birthday party next week, made mostly from recycled materials. Bean Bags made from cute Dr. Seuss fabric with corduroy scraps from my friend over at Sunshine Salad who makes the rockin' patchwork pants my son wears almost every day. For Shakers we used recycled plastic Easter eggs in three sizes filled halfway with rice, popcorn, or beans (to make different sounds).

Friday - Fleece Blanket Making with MOMS Club. This is our second year making No Sew Fleece Blankets as part of the Remembering Rowan Project for Foster Kids in Clark County. This year the MOMS Club of Camas is putting together a donation of sweatsuits and other necessities for the kids in foster care. We will donate the blankets and all in April for Foster Care Awareness Month. Kits for making the blankets frequently go on sale for at Joann's, just $10 for a handmade blanket to warm a child in need.

Saturday - Yarn In, crocheted all day, more Shakers and stitching horns on a hat. Only a brief break to run Willow home for a nap, and pick up a few of my crocheted hats and playscapes to show off. I got a lot of encouragement for getting my designs published...

This Week - Many many party preparations, cleaning, and making Valentines! The crafting never stops!

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