Saturday, April 30, 2011

Crochet & Play

Several times this month we had MOMS Club Learn To Crochet events to give our moms as many opportunities as possible to learn. A couple weeks ago we met at our local indoor play place/coffee shop, Cafe Sip'n'Play. I brought yarn and hooks for all. A few moms were at our first gathering a couple weeks before, but most were new.

The cafe was busy that morning filled with moms and kids. But we managed to score most of the bar overlooking the play area, so some moms could stand inside with the kids and even crochet, while others watched and crocheted from outside while enjoying a mocha or a breakfast sandwich.

Although it was rather difficult to stay focused in such a chaotic environment, everyone went home feeling they had learned at least a little. The mom with 2 year old twins who took turns demanding her attention was excited just to learn how to chain. She went home ready to practice getting the hang of it and make necklaces and bookmarks for all of her kiddos.

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