Friday, April 8, 2011

Sampler Square #3: Half Double Crochet (hdc) Ridges

Designed by Laurinda Reddig of ReCrochetions

New Stitches:
Half Double Crochet (hdc):
YO, insert your hook into stitch, YO, pull hook out of stitch. You should have 3 loops on your hook. YO, pull through all 3 loops.

New Techniques:
Front Loop Only:
Insert hook under only the front loop and up through the center of the top of the stitch you are working in rather than both loops.

This pattern is now exclusively available in the ReCrochetions Presents: Rowan’s Learn to Crochet Sampler Afghan Book. Available in Right and Left-handed Editions (see links -->). The book also contains 4 more simple baby blanket patterns and a newborn hat, and 30 complete step-by-step tutorial.

Note on Half Double Crochet Fabric: Because of the nature of the Half Double Crochet Stitch, when working back and forth to create a piece of fabric, natural ridges will appear. By working in Front Loop Only for this square we get a neat effect of double ridges. However, when working in the round, as in making a hat, you do not get the same ridged look as you do when you turn the piece at the end of each row.

I WILL get pictures of the squares so far this week. I have been so busy making squares I have not managed to get pictures of them. Also working on pictures to go with the Learning To Crochet - Getting Started Post which is almost done.


  1. I love the ridges in this one! Very cool. And just from going into the front loop.

  2. Hdc rows have natural ridges, but I thought the added texture of the front loops makes it more visually interesting. Plus good way to learn different places to put your stitches.