Friday, July 8, 2011

Sampler Square #14 - Bobbles

Designed by Laurinda Reddig of ReCrochetions

New Stitches /Techniques:

Double Crochet Bobble (dc6tog):
YO, insert hook into next st, YO, pull out of st, YO, pull through 2 loops; (YO, insert hook into same st, YO, pull out of st, YO, pull through 2 loops) 5 times; YO, pull through all 7 loops on hook, ch 1.

Pattern:This pattern is now exclusively available in the ReCrochetions Presents: Rowan’s Learn to Crochet Sampler Afghan Book. Available in Right and Left-handed Editions (see links -->). The book also contains 4 more simple baby blanket patterns and a newborn hat, and 30 complete step-by-step tutorial.

Notes: Bobbles are created by working a cluster (as seen in Square #8) all in one stitch as opposed to working each half stitch in a different stitch. The chain 1 at the end of each bobble helps to pull the stitches together and really make the bobbles pop. You can also press the tip of your finger into the center of your bobble when it is done to help the 3 dimensional effect. As a result there is a definite right and wrong side to the fabric you are creating. I used a row of single crochets between each bobble row so they would all be on the same side of the work. Remember to keep this side up when you are stitching together your squares.

Special Note: I originally wrote this pattern with dc5tog bobbles, which looked fine in my first sample made with Red Heart Super Saver yarn which is kind of stiff. But when I tried the squares in softer yarns like Red Heart Soft and Caron's Simply Soft, the 5dc bobbles just were not holding their shape. So I changed to dc6tog for much better bobbles which hold their shape nicely.

Hope everyone is doing well this week. I had to tear myself away from my son's Mystery Machine Afghan to post this week's Square. The birthday present is really coming along, although I am still not sure if I have any hope of finishing it before his party a week from Saturday. Maybe if I do not sleep, wait, that is what I already do. I have the added challenge that I have managed to finish 1/5 of the afghan without him figuring out what I am making, which means I have to work inside of a large tote bag and stuff everything back in any time he sits down next to me.

Sorry I do not have a picture for this week's Square yet. When I made up the sample blanket (which I took all the other pictures of) I did the bobbles without the chain stitch at the end of each one, and they turned out really flat. So not worth taking a picture of.

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