Monday, August 29, 2011

Foray Into Yarn Bombing...

In preparation for our little town's first Quilt and Fiber Arts Festival a few weeks ago, we headed downtown in the dark of night to engage in a Top Secret Mission to bomb the area with yarn. My six year old son and I met two friends in town with a bag filled with UFOs (Unfinished Projects), including a number of sweater sleeves and parts of blankets. Some I have acquired over the years in bags of random yarn purchased at garage sales or gifted to me by well-meaning family, but most were projects I started some time in the past 20 years.

I was so excited to finally find a use for all of these bits and pieces, that I was able to accept I would never finish sweaters whose granny squares were too stiff to become the sweater they were intended for, and those which never made it past the first sleeve. My son had a blast finding creative places for me to attach all the little bits and pieces, and refused to go home when it was past his bedtime.

What is Yarn Bombing you ask? I figure it is the act of wrapping any inanimate object in a warm hug of yarn...
Lamp Post outside The Uncommon Gift Lamp Scarf
The Liberty Theater Fountain Bobbling Around A Bit'O'Pink A Bit'O'Lace and Tree Blanket in front of River Quilts Bike Rack Cozies Bike Tire & Lamp Post Warmers Bench Cozies Bench Snood Knot Holder
Our yarn bombs were apparently the hit of the Festival. Each time I passed the statue of the little Bronze Girl in her Crocheted Sweater and Cap (top picture), children were sitting next to her posing for pictures. They took themselves on self guided scavenger hunts to find the bits of yarny goodness we left behind. Most of the Yarn Bombs have been removed since the Festival, but if you are wandering through downtown Camas any time soon, see if you can spot at least five little ones still bringing a bit of warmth to our little downtown.

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  1. your story touched my heart... what a beautiful thing youve turned your sorrow into. i lost twins at 4 months and then another loss at 7 weeks... i cant imagine a fullterm loss though. what a brave and wonderful woman you are :)