Saturday, December 17, 2011

"Have you ever been paid to do what you love?"

A friend asked me this yesterday, as she listened to me go on about all of the exciting new design ideas I have buzzing around in my brain. I realized that although I have been paid for my crochet work in the past, making the same things over and over to sell at craft fairs or even for custom orders was really not what I love about crochet.

As a crochet designer I find every day brings a new challenge, my brain is always "working". I got a massage yesterday, and got inspiration for a new baby blanket pattern, as well as an article. Tonight was my "night off", leaving the kids with Dad, and how did I spend it? Sketching out the next two designs I plan to submit to magazines.

When I found out that my ideal yarns are being provided by the yarn companies for three of my 1st designs to be published next year, I knew I have found the perfect "job". You mean they send me free yarn (much of which I could never splurge on) and PAY me to play with it?! How awesome is that?!

My sister pointed out that I have finished more crochet projects in the past few months, since I started submitting designs for consideration, than I did in the entire year before that. With an end product in mind and concrete way to share my passion with others, I find it easy to continue working on projects which previously might have lost my interest and become yet another UFO.

And all those extra left over swatches to test out pattern and design ideas? They make perfect blankies for my daughter to tuck in her dollies at naptime.


  1. I think it's Awesome that you have this design opportunity! It is a perfect fit, you are one of the most creative women I know and I'm so happy that you are sharing your ideas with the world (and getting paid doubles the awesomeness!).

  2. Thanks so much Jen. :") I am obviously very excited! I always figured this would be something I could do from home once the kids are both in school, but getting started now means I will be well established by then.

  3. Hello Laurinda! I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas time and a very happy New Year!

  4. Thanks so much Barbina! Unfortunately we have had several losses in the family in the past few weeks, so it is a difficult time this year. I hope your family is having a lovely holiday season!