Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Technicolor Boobies

My first few "Boobies for Haiti"

I experimented with a few different yarns, including Lion Brand Cotton Ease, Lion Brand Kitchen Cotton, and Red Heart Soft. I prefer the texture of natural fibers, but wanted to be sure they are washable, as I do for most things I am donating and do not know who will use them. Both the cotton blend and this 100% acrylic are soft and washable.

A washable wool blend might be nice as well, if it is superwash. I like the idea of stuffing them with wool batting as well because it would warm under the hand, but again there can be allergy issues so best to stick with polyfill. I actually used scraps of quilt batting left from all the quilts we made in the past to donate to local NICUs at part of the Remembering Rowan Project.

My friend who I am collecting them for said that the color does not really matter, just as long as they are not done in pale caucasian skin tones.The bright colors will be fun, although my friend's son thinks they are acorns and is not sure I should be making them in blue and purple.

I decided my first, done in single crochet was not as soft as I wanted for a teaching breast. So I wrote the pattern in mostly half double crochets, which is a bit softer and quicker. There is still time to whip up a couple breasts in the next week, before my friend Meg heads to Haiti on June 20th. If I receive any after that date I will give them to other midwife and lactation consultant friends who work with Mama Baby Haiti, a birth center founded by the owner of the birth center where I had both of my girls.

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