Friday, August 10, 2012

Rowan's Fourth Birthday

Today she would be four. My sweet little daughter who was with us for just 14 hours, four years ago today. We spent the morning similar to last year, with a "Butterfly Party". We released 1500+ Ladybugs following a Butterfly Brunch shared with family and a few friends. The kids enjoyed butterfly shaped scones, quiches & coffee cakes, chasing ladybugs & then some butterfly crafts.

My 7 year old was explaining to his friend what the party was for and asked, "Mom, how old is Rowan today?" He kept asking why we were having a "Bug Party" again like last year. Perhaps next year I will let him choose a theme he thinks Rowan would like at age 5.

When asked who we were having a party for, my 2 1/2 year old quickly answered, "Rowan!" Although she can not fully understand who that is, she is one of the reasons we celebrate every year, so she grows up knowing she had a sister. She knows the small garden around the Rowan Tree in our garden is "Rowan's Garden", and points to the little angel statue a friend gave me and says, "Dat Rowan!"

This afternoon we will hike up nearby Beacon Rock, where her ashes were scattered, as we do every year on Rowan's birthday. But for now, while my little one is napping, I need to get back to the book I am working on in Rowan's Memory. I hope to have some exciting news to share
very soon!!!


  1. It is always such an honor and a pleasure to celebrate this special day with you and your family. Thank you for including us in remembering Rowan. I know she must feel all this love.

  2. We too are honored to be included. The hike up Beacon is especially nice, and a beautiful place.