Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Yarnbomb Scavenger Hunt

The first weekend in August I help plan our town's Quilt and Fiber Arts festival. This year was our second year of this annual event. One of the big hits last year was the yarn bombings several of my friends and I did all over town. It was so popular that the planning committee asked us to do a "Scavenger Hunt" with our yarnbombs this year.

Attendees of the Festival were given the following form to help them find all the yarny fun. Once they completed it they turned it in for sucker with a little crocheted flower on it (made by my friend Carissa):

Downtown Camas has been Yarn Bombed!
Find all the crocheted or knit items on the list and turn
in this sheet for a treat at Journey at 4th and Birch!
Yarn bombed item hint
What (or where) is it?

What a sweet ride

(Do you recognize the flower on the front wheel? Can you guess which of my past projects that was from?)

Little Head Light

(The first hat we placed on this light disappeared the 1st night, hope it is keeping someone's head warm)

She’s a cutie

(Someone stole her cute sweater last year, so she was draped in a strange tube of lace we acquired from Scrap)

Tree hugger

(Another great 70's find from Scrap)

A.L. Blue Lips

Bead Bench

(In front of Bead Paradise)

Mt. has a hood

Reserved Parking Snowman

(In front of River Quilts)

Best in the Nest

(One of the "Angry Birds" I made for my son's birthday party last month)

Count the fountain blooms

(Also made by Carissa, there were 6 "planted" among the bushes around a stone fountain)

STOP and smell the flowers!

(We had 3 Stop sign flowers around town, including one at the major intersection on the way into town, which is still up)

How many lamp posts in downtown have been yarn bombed?

(These Granny Squares were my start on the Sweater from the cover of the original 1994 Vogue Knitting Crochet issue. Vogue Knitting sponsored my $1000 CGOA Grand Prize so I thought it was cool to find this UFO in my stash and use it!)

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