Thursday, October 11, 2012

"I Love Yarn Day"! How Will You Celebrate?

My Little One Buried In Sampler Squares (she's a bit older now)
Did you know that tomorrow is officially "I Love Yarn Day"? The Craft Yarn Council has declared October 12, 2012 a day to celebrate all things yarny!

Last night my 2 1/2 year old, asked me to sing her "the I Love Yarny song". She went on to start singing herself, "I love yarny. I love yarny. Yarny. Yarny. Yarny. I love yarny." She often asks me to sing songs about her  playing with friends, taking walks, or going to the park. But there I was, sitting in the dark crocheting (as I do most nights), and my daughter asked me to sing about yarn.

I was reminded of her song when I sat down to write something about "I Love Yarn Day". I am getting ready to head to the beach tomorrow with 7 other crafty women for a Knit and Crochet Weekend! I am packing plenty of yarn for at least 5 different projects, and ready for 2 full, kid-free days of playing with yarn. How will you celebrate "I Love Yarn Day"?

A bit blurry, but looks like she's singing her "I Love Yarny" Song!


  1. We all need an I Love Yarny song. I love it!!

    For my contribution to the day I've blogged about what I Love Yarn Day is and am also offering 30% off this weekend on my book Crochet Saved My Life which is all about the health benefits of yarncrafting.

    1. Cool Kathryn! I Tweeted and posted your special on my Facebook page too! Gotta spread the word about your awesome book. I'm honored to have my story included in your book!