Friday, August 9, 2013

Favorite Things Fridays: Yarnfic - Debbie Macomber

Another one of my favorite Knitfic Series is the Blossom Street books by Debbie Macomber. This series has a special place in my heart. When my local MOMS Club helped me start the Remembering Rowan Project five year ago, in addition to scheduling crochet classes throughout the month, we read the first book in this series for our Book Club, The Shop on Blossom Street.

After reading her introduction in that book where she talks about knitting and crocheting for charity, I was inspired to write her a letter telling her about Rowan and our project. She generously took the time to send me a personal note and box full of goodies to pass out to the Club. That was one of the best attended Book Club meetings we have ever had.

As I approach Rowan's 5th birthday tomorrow and am finishing blankets for my next donation, I remember fondly reading this book about making baby blankets, just as we began making our first ones. When I heard that she was at TNNA this past June, and was really hoping to meet her and thank her in person, but not this time.

Ms. Macomber's books are filled with characters who draw you into their stories. Whatever trials and tribulations they are going through, you are rooting for them to overcome. Although the stories may occasionally get a bit predictable, this is only because you know in the end everything is going to turn out alright, which is actually refreshing. When so many real world stories do not have a 'happy ending,' I look forward to escaping into the world of Debbie Macomber's characters.

I always enjoy Debbie's stories, even her other series often mention characters knitting something. Her Cedar Cove series has recently been adapted into a tv show on the Hallmark channel. Even in the show, the main character's mother is often seen with yarn and needles in her hands. I find myself looking forward to the 'feel good' stories and characters each week, just like you find in her books.

Last April I got the chance to attend Vogue Knitting Live in Seattle, and had the pleasure of meeting some of the lovely ladies who work at the real life "A Good Yarn" shop, inspired by the book series. I love the idea that the shop is located downstairs of the office where Debbie writes her heart warming books. The shop ladies took photos of me in my Reversible Rowan Tree Vest, and invited me to come up to the shop to promote my next book (road trip summer 2014!)! Perhaps then I will finally have the opportunity to meet Debbie Macomber and tell her how much her books have meant to me.

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