Friday, December 6, 2013

Ruffle Yarns: Large Mesh

Large Mesh self-ruffling yarns look a bit like fishnet stockings. They have large holes, making them ideal for crocheting a quick and easy scarf. To start, find the end of the yarn, stretch out the yarn flat and work in the side with larger loops. Begin the pattern by using the loops on the short edge of the end of your yarn before you begin working down the long edge. This should leave little or no ends to weave in.

As you work, insert your hook into the next loop along the edge every time you yarn over. Some brands like Red Heart Boutique Sashay (shown below) have slightly smaller loops, so you can insert your hook into every other loop .

There are a lot more crochet patterns available for these yarns now than there were when I first discovered the a few years ago, and so much variety even within the Large Mesh Ruffle yarns. Some I have picked up over the past couple of years include: Katia Triana, Rosetti Marina, Rosetti SpectraPremier Starbella, Red Heart Boutique Sashay. What kind will you try?
Large Mesh Ruffle Scarf
Designed by Laurinda Reddig 

Skill Level Easy
Finished Size
Approximately 4.5 inches by 52 inches (with ruffles), stitches are loose and stretchy, so final measurements may vary.

1-2 skein(s) large mesh yarn, 100g (sample used Katia Triana #47)
N or P hook (whatever size you can comfortably fit through loops)
Tapestry needle and Scissors

6 sc = approximately 1.5 inches wide (without ruffles). Gauge will vary depending on the yarn and hook, but this is one place it really may not be all that important, as the ruffles will stick out way beyond the actual stitches.

  • Keep in mind that finding the stitches to work into is not as important as maintaining the same number of stitches throughout because they will be hidden under the ruffles.
  • Depending on the yardage and how fluffy you want your scarf, you can work this pattern with only 4 sc across, or increase to 8. For example, Premier Starbella has only 20 yds per skein, so it was perfect with only 4 sc across to make a smaller scarf for my 3yo.

Foundation Row 1: Insert hook into the first 3 loops from front to back, pull 3rd loop through the first 2 (first sc made), * insert hook into next 2 loops from front, pull last loop through the first 2*, rep * to * 4 more times, turn. (6 sc)

Row 2: Ch 1, sc in each sc across the row, turn.

Repeat Row 2 until the last full row before you run out of the Large Mesh yarn. Finish off and weave in all ends.

Single Crochet (sc) in Large Mesh Ruffle Yarn Tutorial 
Insert hook under both loops of stitch.
Yarnover with next loop of yarn.
Pull up a loop out of stitch.

Yarn Over again with next available loop.

Pull through 2 loops.
Identify tops of all 6 stitches.

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  1. Approximately 4.5 inches by 52 inches (with ruffles), stitches are loose and stretchy, so final measurements may vary. premium bath sheets , hp business 15.6 notebook backpack ,