Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ruffle Yarns: Getting Started

Before we start with the patterns, here are a few tips for working with Ruffle Yarns:

Working Into the Yarn
Most "self-ruffling yarns" begin as sort of a tube which needs to be flattened out as you are working, so you can find the holes which will be your "yarn".

Most Common Types of Yarn
Each type of Ribbon Yarn is a little bit different ranging from large to fine mesh, as well as railroad, lace and fabric. But the all have holes along one edge that you can insert your hook in to loop them together.

Yarning Over
Each type also requires different techniques for yarning over (which will be shown in along with each pattern).

Turning Your Work
When working with any Ruffle yarns, always turn your work in the same direction at the end of each row, creating a spiral of ruffles on both sides of your work. Alternately, you could turn your work back and forth at the end of each row, causing your ruffles to all fall on the same side of your work.



  1. Good timing! I bought two skeins of ruffle yarn to make scarves for a couple of friends - was going to knit both, but I might try crocheting one of the scarves.

    Love your tip on turning the same way after each row - I usually don't pay attention to which way I turn things. This time I will!

    1. Awesomesauce. I thought just before the holidays was a good time to post these. Which kind of yarn do you have? I'll be posting pics of how I crochet with each kind.