Monday, December 2, 2013

Crocheted Gifts with Ruffle Yarns

While attending Sock Summit in Portland Oregon a couple of years ago, I discovered those fun yarns that are designed to "knit" into lovely ruffled scarves. The yarn manufacturers included knitting instructions but no crochet instructions. So I picked up one of each type and took them home to experiment with.

After figuring out at least one way to use each variation of the ruffled yarns, I was thrilled with how fast the scarves were to make. Every time I wore one, I would get countless compliments and requests for me to make another. Noone could believe how easy they were to make because the texture of the yarn makes it look like a lot more work than it really is.

Since then, it seems as if every yarn company has come up with their own variation, so they can be found in both local yarn shops and big box stores, at every price point (and I've collected baskets full of different ones). Each scarf takes only one skein of yarn, and they are actually faster to make in crochet than in knitting! So they make the perfect gift!

There are a lot more crochet patterns available for Ruffled Yarns now, but most of them still only provide knit patterns on their ball bands. Watch throughout this week for  my patterns for each of the scarves pictured above, tips on how to work with each of these very different yarns, and more. 

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