Thursday, April 17, 2014

Girl's Ruffled Party Dress - Free Pattern!

© Red Heart

Check out the first of a bunch of designs I've done recently for Red Heart YarnsThe skirt is created using their "Sassy yarn", which is basically a strip of fabric with holes along the top. The skirt is worked in a sport weight acrylic yarn, with the loops of the fabric caught inside stitches on every few rows. 
After playing with all the various self-ruffling yarns when they first started coming out, I discovered some did not work as well in crochet on their own as they do in knitting. Because of the smaller holes, they looked better when combined with a smoother yarn, using the ruffling yarn for just one loop of a single crochet stitch (tutorials will be coming soon).

When I saw this fabric "yarn" I immediately pictured one of those ruffly girl's dresses, and was delighted when Red Heart went for the idea.  As much as I have been focusing on hand dyed yarns recently, I grew up using yarns from the big box stores and know that they always have their uses.

Easy care, durable yarns are still the way to go for making washable gifts for small kiddoes and blankets too (especially if you plan to donate them). After all, you wouldn't want to put hours or weeks of work into a project you plan to gift to someone who you know are apt to throw it in the washer on warm the first time it gets dirty!

I was really happy with the dress, and it looks so cute on the model! Now I have to make a second one for my daughter, who kept calling it her dress whenever I held it up to her to see how it would fit.

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