Friday, April 18, 2014

VKL - Knitted Socks

A little taste of Spring had me dusting off my Birkenstocks the past couple of weeks. But the wet weather of the Pacific Northwest has returned yet again, so I'm getting to enjoy my new hand knit socks I came home with from VKLive a few weeks ago.

One of the friends I stay with when I head up to Seattle for VKL is a fiber artist who creates beautiful art quilts, knits, spins, and crochets too. The first night I was there, I ended up helping her ball up some yarn she explained she had "frogged" from one of many pairs of socks she had made for herself, before she decided that wearing wool socks is not for her (her feet get too hot, blah, blah blah, What?! You have handknit socks and don't where them?!).

I was appalled when I heard she planned to frog all of the socks she had made to repurpose the yarn. But when we discovered that we wear exactly the same size shoe, she offered me all of her knitted socks!!! She gave me some right then and there, and I cannot quite explain the feeling of delight as the soft wool slipped onto my feet for the first time.

So, in addition to yarn and books from the show, I got to come home with 5 new pairs of hand knit socks, just my size. She even mentioned that she has several more pairs in various stages of construction which she might finish now that she has someone who will wear and appreciate them (instead of frogging all that hard work. Egads!).

For years I have said that when I do get around to picking up knitting again, I want to learn to knit 2 socks at once. Although crocheted socks can be lovely, I have always figured socks was one thing I might prefer in a knit fabric. But now I don't have to make them myself!

I may never wear my boring old black socks again! Though now I do need to figure out how to wash them. At least one pair is not superwash, but I will do my best. Good thing I stocked up on Kristin Omdahl's Wrapture wool wash from Eucalan as well.

Do you wear wool socks? How do you care for them?

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