Monday, June 2, 2014

Hooked On Hand Dyed: Fiber Fusion Shawl and Scarf Pattern

Fiber Fusion Shawl
Photos © Guy Holtzman

Fiber Fusion Scarf
Fuse your own chevron adventure with this unique multi-fiber yarn. Will you follow the letter of the pattern or dare to be different by creating your own fiber fusion look of multi-textured stripes? Careful attention to tension stacks the color repeats leading to gradient paths of texture and color. Worked on a large size hook, this a quick and cozy shawl (or scarf) has beautiful drape and warmth.

Many years ago, I was enchanted by a knitting kit that was sold at a local fabric store. The kit contained a variety of yarns in many textures and colors with a simple pattern of one row knit in each yarn on very large needles, leaving long ends for tassels. I loved the look of it, and the idea of not needing to weave in ends at the end.
A asked my husband to buy the yarn kit for me for Christmas. Although I never did quite finish that knit shawl, it's the project I pull out when I feel like knitting at a "knit night" rather than crocheting (which is not often, especially with looming deadlines). But I still loved the idea of that shawl.
When Kimberly of Cat Mountain Fiber Arts gave me the first Fusion 500 kit to play with, I thought about that long ago knit shawl, and thought the same idea of leaving ends for tassels would be perfect when working with 5 to 10 yarns. The more I thought about it, I realized that by changing yarns and starting from the same side of the work on each row, I could create stripes of color and texture that run in opposite directions.

Because different fibers absorb the dye differently, there is quite a variety of shades within the yarns of each kit. I chose to put my yarns in order from lightest to darkest for the scarf, then repeat them back and forth in the same order. But really you could change it up and pick and choose the yarns as you go, still getting a lovely striped effect, if you are careful to adjust your tension. But that is for another blog post. 

now available on Ravelry

Special thanks to my sister Aurora for being my model. She just had to model the Aurora Borealis yarn, and she looks enough like me to be the face in my patterns.


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