Saturday, June 7, 2014

Day 1: Reversible Color Crochet is Almost Here!


Just one month from today, my new book, Reversible Color Crochet: A New Technique will be available for sale in yarn stores and bookstores (or you can preorder now)! This time last year I was spending nearly every minute of the day and night crocheting blankets for this book, unless I was sleeping, eating, or driving (and I mostly made other people drive). I am in the midst of planning a blog tour with awesome crochet bloggers, and even a book tour road trip to LYSs in Washington, Oregon, and Northern California!

For the next month, I plan to blog every day about something related to my book; the inspiration and making each of the projects, reviews of yarns I used and tools I found useful for intarsia, and the whole experience of writing my first book with a publisher.

On the other hand, my kids will both be home for the summer in just a little over a week. So my book posts may end up interspersed with some about crafting with my kids, if I can even manage to keep up. Wish me luck! And enjoy the ride...

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