Sunday, June 15, 2014

Day 9: Space Square Inspiration

Today is my 18th Wedding anniversary AND Father's day, so we've been a bit busy. Spent the afternoon teaching my Dad (the knitter in the family) to crochet (so he can learn my technique), and working in the garden with my kids. As a result, my blog post for today is mostly pictures showing the inspiration for many of the space-inspired squares in Tyler's Space Adventure...

Griffin's original UFO drawing
UFO image from my daughter's
footie PJs for further inspiration.

Final UFO Square #26

Original drawing, letters indicate G's
recommended colors for each part.
Final Ringed Planet Square #24
Another planet he drew, but we
decided it wasn't quite right.

I decided 8 legs would not fit on a 36 stitch
square, so G only colored in the ones
he wanted in the picture.
Final Alien Square #27
The uneven teeth, eyes, and horns
were an important design element to
the artist.
Black numbers indicate how many rows I planned for each part
of the Robot's head and body to equal 30 rows to fit the square pattern.
(he drew on both sides of the paper, as you can see parts of the
fully colored robot showing through the paper)

Final Alien Square #27
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