Saturday, June 14, 2014

Day 8: Tyler's Space Adventure

Hey! Do you see those pictures hanging on the wall above the bed there? Those are my son Griffin's original drawings, which bear a striking resemblance to the Alien and Robot Squares in the blanket right below them. He even got an "original drawings" credit on the Acknowledgements page.
Alien, original drawing by Griffin, age 7
Whenever someone asks to take a look at my book, I always direct them to page 102 to point out these drawings. It was so neat to be able to include his original work in my first full-length book. He also got to tell me which colors I should use where, and helped choose the layout of the squares when it came time to stitch them together.

Robot and Rocket, original drawing by Griffin, age 7
The original Tyler's Space Adventure, made for my friend's son, was done in similar colors in Bernat Roving. I had a ton left from making my Happy Day Playmat (even after making lots of scarves for foster kids), including a bunch of red, Tyler's favorite color. I asked six other moms to make the solid colored squares in the red. They all used my first book as inspiration to learn a new stitch pattern as they made their square (though they did have to adjust the stitch count to match the size of the picture blocks). For the final afghan in the book I chose another Chunky weight #5 yarn, Cascade Pacific Chunky, making a nice size blanket with only 12 squares, which my friends and I were able to complete in just a few weeks.

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