Friday, June 13, 2014

Day 7: The Waiting Game - More Time to Dream

Come December of 2012, I was still waiting for the final contract to get moving on my book. The holidays slowed down the process a bit, but they did not slow down my dreaming up new ideas. The one thing I thought was still missing was picture squares that would appeal more to boys than the flowers and bugs I already had.

A friend's son was having surgery the week before Christmas (for the second time in as many months). I knew that after the surgery he would be slowed down for several months, and thought that a blanket to snuggle under would be a nice idea.

Late one night I started designing the first of 6 new squares inspired by the robots, space, and squids that my friend's son enjoyed. I always seem to get inspired with my best ideas late at night, leading to even less sleep than usual.

Original Space Squares
The next morning I asked my son to draw up some pictures on graph paper so I could work them into squares. I intentionally worked them in the same 36 stitches wide as all of the other squares I had developed so far, so that they could fit into the book, as long as I could convince my editor to add them.

After a couple weeks of designing blocks with the help of my own son, I worked up these six Space Themed blocks. With a few adjustments, the square count went up from 24 Squares to 28 Squares for the book. I replaced a few of the "Garden Squares" with these, and decided to go with just the moon (no star) so I could combine the Sun Square and Moon Square in yet another blanket layout.

See what happens when I'm left at loose ends? I make more work for myself! But I do think they balanced out the picture squares section of the book nicely, and my friend's son loved his blanket!
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