Friday, September 12, 2014

Favorite Things Fridays: Hiya Hiya Snips

Now that my book tour is in full swing, it is time to share some of the AWESOME  items I will be giving away to lucky raffle winners at most of my events!

I approached Hiya Hiya (distributed through The Knitting Zone) about donating a few items for book tour raffles because I love and use so many of their products. They was very generous, donating Kitty and Doggie "Snips" as well as Crochet Hooks for the kits for my Reversible Intarsia Make'n'Take at the CGOA Conference in July.

I discovered these handy little scissors during the Rose City Yarn Crawl (in Portland) a couple of years ago. I had just gotten all the yarn in for my book blanket samples (that was a LOT of yarn), so I tried to buy tools at each shop instead of more yarn. I loved them so much that I kept buying new ones, and now have them attached to every one of my larger project bags so I am never hunting for scissors.

These cute little scissors have the head and arms of a cat or dog with a little chain to attach to your project bag (or purse, mine are one and the same since I take a project everywhere I go). The tiny little scissors form the legs of the animal, with the blades locking right into the shoulders for safe keeping. I love the convenience of having them attached wherever I go, as long as I remember to pop the scissors back into their holder. They are so inexpensive I can always buy another pair (and now have them to match each of my Offhand Designs bags).

The only drawback I have found is that every now and then the little scissors do not lock properly into the holder and will slip out because they were too loose. So, I simply recommend taking them out of the package before you purchase them, to give the scissors a tug and make sure they lock into place.

I especially recommend these for intarsia work, since you will be cutting off ends whenever you finish a color, and do not have to hunt for scissors! Come on out to one of my book tour events for a chance to win your very own pair of Doggie or Kitty snips. I usually give away one pair of each!

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