Wednesday, September 10, 2014

What's New Wednesday: Magazines and Dancette Dress


This week I finally made it in to Barnes and Noble to see all four magazines on the newsstands right now with my designs in them! Left to right: Crochetscene (Interweave Special Issue), CrochetMORE (Love of Crochet's Special Issue), Interweave Crochet Summer 2014, and Crochet! Magazine Fall 2014. They include three garments, a new article on Reversible Intarsia and a scarf to teach the technique.

Here is my latest girl's dress, the "Dancette Dress", featured in the Interweave Crochet Summer issue. I was inspired by a bottom up chevron baby dress I saw in an old Japanese magazine, but decided to turn it on it's head and start from the top down instead. The folks over at Interweave clearly had a lot of fun with the photoshoots and locations in this issue.

The pattern is available in 5 sizes ranging from 3-6 months all the way up to 7-8 years (pictured).  Due to the nature of working with chevrons, I had to adjust the sizes to work with the necessary increases, so you may not see the size you are looking for. But the great thing about little girl dresses is that they tend to fit for a long time. My daughter still wears a few of the dresses she wore as a toddler as a top with pants. So, if you are not sure what size to make, you may want to go with the larger size (also giving you more time to complete the project and still have it fit).

This was my original sample that I submitted and became the Dancette Dress. Get out a camera and my daughter is a little ham, but she certainly helped sell the design! I made the original in Brown Sheep’s Cotton Fleece (#3 or dk weight), which is much heavier than the Cotton Fine (#1 wt) used in the magazine sample. But I found that the same pattern size worked in the lighter weight yarn worked perfectly down to the smallest size, a 3 to 6 months.

As a result of the added chevrons and increases in the skirt for each size, the final version has a lot more flare in the skirt, and I was really pleased with the way the lighter weight yarn drapes. But I wanted to share the original so you know there are options if you so not feel up to making a whole dress in a fingering weight yarn. And if you do not have a little girl to crochet for, stay tuned next week for the adult top inspired by making this dress!

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