Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Hooked On Hand Dyed: Moss Stitch Fingerless Gloves Pattern

Introducing the latest pattern in my Hooked On Hand Dyed Collection: Studded Moss Stitch Fingerless Gloves. This pattern was very much inspired by the yarn I designed them in. Although they could be made with any fingering weight yarn, Rombouillet is a particular wool that has a lot of extra spring in the wool when it is spun into wool.

I picked up a couple hanks of Knitted Wit Featherweight Rombouillet during the Rose City Yarn Crawl last year. Once I wound up the first hank into a ball, I just sat there pulling a length of yarn between my fingers, delighted to watch the yarn spring back. I think my friends thought I was a bit crazy as I kept showing them, they just didn't get how cool it was.

Combining this springy yarn with a stretchy stitch worked perfectly for snug fitting fingerless gloves. The “moss stitch” is often used to create more stretch in crocheted fabric by working single crochets into chain one spaces. Although the resulting fabric is a little bit lacy, the 100% wool yarn keeps your hands warm and toasty.

This pattern uses only basic stitches and was designed to use as a teaching tool in classes. By working in the round from the wrist up, we practice shaping and adding a new color, as well as forming the thumbhole and finger opening. I will be teaching a project class on this pattern at Twisted in Portland on December 9, 2014, 5-7:45pm. Sign up on their website to reserve your spot, with plenty of time to whip these up in time for Christmas gifting.

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