Wednesday, November 5, 2014

WNW: Endless Cables Cowl in Crochet!

What's New Wednesday...

My Endless Cables Cowl made the cover of the
Winter Issue of Crochet! Magazine!
On newsstands now!
With traveling and whatnot over the past few months, I am a bit behind on sharing my recent designs that have been published in magazines and online. So, I'll start with some of the most recent, and try to get to the rest in the coming weeks. Lots of fun projects that would make great holiday gifts! Now is the time to get busy finishing up those projects you want to make and gift come December.
Closeup of the scalloped edging you get from edgeless cables.
I am excited to share the Endless Cables Cowl, a reversible cable pattern that goes all the way up to the edges of the fabric. The magazine issue includes a "Learn It, Do It" article I wrote on how to make your cables both edgeless and reversible. So be sure to grab a copy while they are still on newsstands so you can try this unusual technique!

This is my second design to make the cover of a magazine this year (and ever), and it was especially sweet to share with my best friend and sometimes contract crocheter Carissa who made this particular sample. As one of my few right-handed contractors, she makes a lot of my cable samples, to avoid left-handed cables that cross in the opposite direction to the average crocheter who might be making the pattern.

I was really pleased with the Soufflé yarn the magazine chose from Tahki Stacy Charles. With 42% angora, this yarn is so soft and cozy I actually wear the sample all the time now that I have it back. This comfy cowl is just right to throw on when I am heading out of the house now that the weather has begun to cool here in the Pacific Northwest. 
Soufflé is such a brand new yarn that we had originally planned to make the sample in their blue tone, but the yarn was not dyed in time for me to make the sample for this issue. However, the light brown we ended up using has caught the eye of a number of Outlander fans. I have seen Soufflé in several of our Local Yarn Stores already, so check your LYS, and see if you can score some of this lovely yarn, and let me know if you give the cowl pattern a try.

(And now, after typing Soufflé so many times tonight I will be helping my 9yo son make a cheese soufflé for dinner!)


  1. I am a proficient at crochet but can't figure out this pattern. HELP! I want to make this, I love it Do you have it on youtube.?

  2. Take a good look at the stitch diagram. Even if you do not usually use stitch diagrams. The visual is helpful to see which stitch you should be working into. And notice that the direction of the round part on the bottom (open on the left or open on the right-side) indicate if you are working around the front of the post or the back of the post. This helps you keep the direction of the stitches correct as you get the hang of the pattern. It takes a few rows before you begin to see the pattern.

    Sorry, I am not doing videos at this time, as I am left-handed and would have to figure out how to flip them as well as make them. :) I hope studying the stitch diagram will help. If you are still unsure, work a couple of rows, and let me have a look.