Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Tutorial Tuesday:Reverse Slip Knot - LH

Reverse Slip Knot - Left-Handed

(alternative to Magic Circle) 

Here is the first of several new tutorials I will be posting as resources for the being pattern sent out with our latest Ficstitches Yarns Crochet Kit Club. Don't miss out on the next kit available in October!

I use the Reverse Slip Knot as an alternative when the Magic Circle (or adjustable loop) is called for in a pattern. Just remember that the first chain is your adjustable ring, so you may need to add one chain to the beginning if you start with a Reverse Slip Knot instead. Find Right-handed Tutorial HERE.

Making a Reverse Slip Knot Tutorial
 1.     Form loop, insert hook, yo short end.

2.     Pull loop of short end through with hook.

3.     Pull short end to tighten knot .

4.     Pull tight on hook.

Working Into a Reverse Slip Knot Tutorial
1.     Insert hook into farthest chain from hook, under 2 loops of chain.


2.    Work all indicated stitches of first round into that first chain.

3.    Pull short end to tighten Reverse Slip Knot and close hole.

For more info about this way of starting a project, check out the Right-handed Tutorial.

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