Monday, November 21, 2016

6 Way to Wear Decadent Bliss

My newest pattern, Decadent Bliss is a long crescent shawl which can be worn in endless ways. The beauty of this shape shawl is that is doesn't need a shawl pin to stay put. This collaboration with Fierce Fibers will be be a Crochet Along coming in January, with kits available here for Preorder This Month Only!

Just a few ways Decadent Bliss (or any long crescent shawl) can be worn:
Simple Wrap: Leave one long end of the shawl in front,
and drape the rest around to fall at the back.
The long ends will keep the shawl in place, while the
lovely lace border is shown off across the front.

Over The Shoulders: Wrap around the shoulders
and throw both ends around the back.
Grab and Go: Just throw it over your
shoulders and go!
Gathering: Use a shawl pin, scarf ring,
or tie just it in a knot to secure it a little.

Shrug: Around the shoulders,

tie in back.

Elegant Evening: The long crescent is deep enough to keep your arms warm even when showing a little shoulder on an evening out.
Scarf: By far my favorite, as fall turns to winter,
bunch it around your neck 2 or 3 times as a scarf!
The pattern for this gorgeous shawl will be released in January. However, if you Preorder the CAL Kit for the yarn and pattern this month, you will be the first to receive the pattern, as the kits will ship in time for Christmas. Kits will include one 750 yard ball of this delicious baby alpaca and silk gradient lace weight yarn and a printed copy of Laurinda's pattern, with clearly written and tech edited instructions and symbol diagrams.

Get both the yarn and pattern for less than the cost of the yarn! Kit Preorders end in November. Kits ship in December. And the CAL will start in January! Join us and Reserve Your Kit Today! Four beautiful colorways to choose from.

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