Monday, August 2, 2010

Crochet for Cats

Tonight 6 of us gathered for the first of several crochet events this week for making Cat Blankets as part of the Remembering Rowan Project. So far we have collected 24 finished blankets. Can you make 7 blankets in 7 days? They only measure 8"x17". I did it, so can you!

In 2008 I taught my friend Carissa how to crochet so she could make blankets for the Remembering Rowan Project. A few weeks ago Carissa forwarded me the newsletter for Vintage Books in Vancouver with a Crochet for Cats event she thought I would be interested in. I went to learn about crocheting blankets for the Humane Society and met Stephaniejo. I invited her to our MOMS Club meeting the following week to tell our Club about her Read Me A Blanket program, letting kids choose a blanket to be donated in their name for every 2 books they read over the summer. At the meeting she met Alicia who recently adopted a cat who came home with a handmade blanket in it is box, made by Stephaniejo. Tonight Carissa and Stephaniejo helped teach our friend Caren to crochet, so she can make more blankets to donate. I love the way the world works. Rowan's legacy goes on...

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  1. I am having so much fun being a part of this project! It's nice that Kate is so excited by it too and now wants to learn how to 'soshay' with us.