Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sampler Stitches Preview

Just a preview of the stitches we will be doing in "Rowan's Sampler Afghan". Check out all the fun stitches we will be doing in this project:

April: The Basics - Double Crochet, Half Double Crochet Ridges, Single Crochet "Moss" Stitch, and Shells
May: Combining Stitches - Waves, Chevrons, Crosshatches and Catherine's Wheels
June: XYZ - V-Stitch, X-Stitch, Spikes, and it's a mystery
July: Textures - Basket Weave, Bobbles, Puffs, and Popcorn Stitches

Skills will include:Working in Front Loops, Chain Spaces, Space Between Stitches, Behind Previous Stitches, Into Lower Rows, Around Front and Back Posts.
Increases, Decreases, and Clusters.

General Abbreviations:
beg - begin(ning)
ch sp - chain space
dec - decrease
inc - increase
rep - repeat
rs – right side
sk - skip
st(s) - stitch(es)
tog - together
ws – wrong side
yo - yarn over

Stitch Abbreviations:
ch(s) - chain(s)
slst - slipstitch
sc - single crochet
hdc - half double crochet
dc - double crochet
tr - treble (triple) crochet
fp - front post
bp - back post

There may be a few more, but this covers most of what will come up in this project. Sign up today to join my Crochet Along, beginning April 1st!


  1. Looking forward to it! It sounds so beautiful. :)