Thursday, May 20, 2010

Help! I'm a Craft Hoarder!!

The other night I was watching Hoarders, Buried Alive on TLC. I saw these hoarders climbing over piles of their belongings, jumbled into a useless mess. I realized that's just how I often feel in my craftroom, especially when I get up into the attic above the Craft Room. In order to have any floorspace in the room to work, the room and attic are full of shelves and piles of boxes, bags, and bins full of more craft supplies than I can ever use in my lifetime.

My do I LOVE being able to complete just about any project I dream up without having to run to the store. But it is time to make a change, time to reassess. My Husband calls my Craft Room the "Crap Room", and he's probably right. I read somewhere that your stash should reflect the crafter or artist that you are today, not who you were 5 or 10 years ago. I still have unfinished projects, including my first quilt and my wedding scrapbook, which were started the year I got married - 14 years next month. Time to finish it or pitch it. I have an entire closet filled with scrapbook supplies, but I'm switching over to mostly digital scrapbooks. With 2 small children I will never find the time or place or energy to finish all the scrapbooks I have started. If I don't use it, give it to someone who will.

Inspired by a book called Organizing Your Craft Space and Studios Magazine, I am now in the process of reorganizing and purging, whenever baby is napping or Griffin is playing in the yard nearby. My goal is to submit my Craft Studio to be featured in Studios Magazine by the end of the year. Anyone willing to spend some time helping me organize the Craft Room can have first dibs on all the goodies I am getting rid of. My dear friend Carissa spent a lot of time helping me last year, and has taken home yarn and sewing projects galore.


  1. Please, take her stuff!!
    Ever Patient Hubby

  2. You know I'll be there to help you again! We'll set up the pack n play, put Willow and Liam in it to make goo-goo eyes at each other while Griffin and Kate take over the back yard, roll up our sleeves, and get to sorting. Let's come up with a weekly plan!