Friday, July 6, 2012

30,000 Views Give Away!

ETA: Officially closed for entries. Winner will be announced some time tomorrow... once my seven year old (as of about 17 min ago) draws the winner! Stay tuned!

Wow! As of today, I have had 30,000 views of my Remembering Rowan Blog! To thank you all for visiting, and celebrate one year as a Crochet Designer, I have decided to have my FIRST EVER GIVE-AWAY!!!

What You Could Win:
  • One copy of my first published design "I Love Baby" Blanket and Washcloth, a great introduction to the basics of my brand-new Reversible Intarsia Technique used to create my award winning Reversible Rowan Tree Vest.
  • One Large Box FILLED with a surprise grab bag of all sorts of great yarns. Everything from entire cones of yarn, a little Novelty stuff, to probably some of my own Handspun Art Yarn!!! I am doing a major destashing this month, and will put together a great package custom picked for the winner.
  • A One-of-a-Kind Hand-Carved Hook from my good friend Monica over at Craftwich Creations!!

To Enter Just Comment on this post, please include (so prize package can be customized to you):

  • Your Favorite Thing(s) to Crochet
  • Your Favorite Fiber(s) (for serious work, or just for fun)
  • Your Favorite Weight of Yarn to Work With
  • Your Favorite Color(s)
How to get Extra Entries!
  • Follow This Blog
  • Follow ReCrochetions on Twitter
  • "Like" ReCrochetions on Facebook
  • Post or Tweet about the Giveaway with a link back to this blog post
  • Two Entries if you write a blog post that links back to the Remembering Rowan Blog

Don't forget to note in the comments any "Extra" Entries you have earned. I don't want to leave anyone out, so will ship anywhere in the world the winner lives.

You have almost TWO WEEKS to enter! Before Midnight PST on Wednesday, July 18th. The winner will be drawn on Thursday, July 19th, by my son Griffin who will be turning 7 that day. He thinks this is a great thing to do on his birthday!


  1. CONGRATS!!!! You've had an amazing first year! I wish you much success for the next one!

    Your Favorite Thing(s) to Crochet: Right now I'm on a shawl kick. :)

    Your Favorite Fiber(s) (for serious work, or just for fun): This will sound surprising since I'm in FL, but I do love wool and wool blends.

    Your Favorite Weight of Yarn to Work With: Lace or sock. Usually if I'm working in worsted, then I prefer it to be cotton or acrylic blends...just too hot right now for the "bigger" yarns.

    Your Favorite Color(s): purple, greens, blues, jewel tones.

    Also, I retweeted you and I follow you on my Google Reader feed (I don't use the "follow" button for blogs, I like to tweak settings). And of course I already follow you on Twitter (and now on FB).

    1. Thanks for being my first entry Tracie! I know I have a lot more people who follow through the readers, just can't "see" them. ;)

  2. Congrats on your 1 year anniversary! How exciting

    Your Favorite Thing(s) to Crochet - Well I just recently started crocheting but right now i'm enjoying making dishclothes and dishtowels!
    Your Favorite Fiber(s) (for serious work, or just for fun) - Cotton and wool blends
    Your Favorite Weight of Yarn to Work With - Medium worsted
    Your Favorite Color(s)- Purples at the moment

  3. Your Favorite Thing(s) to Crochet - Mostly home stuff, like pillows, afghans, curtains, doilies, etc.

    Your Favorite Fiber(s) -I like them all. I like wool, acrylics, blends, cottons...

    Your Favorite Weight of Yarn to Work With - I like DK and Worsted, mostly.

    Your Favorite Color(s) - My favorite colors are red and blue, but I do like them all.

  4. Your Favorite Thing(s) to Crochet: Amigurumi!! :D I also like bags, hats (I am working on my first hat now :) ) and blanket square :)
    Your Favorite Fiber(s) (for serious work, or just for fun): I like 100% cotton :) I haven't worked with a great variety of fibers though (I have only worked with wool once)I would love to try new and different fibers!! :D
    Your Favorite Weight of Yarn to Work With: Worsted Weight :)I would like to try bulky yarn sometime though :)
    Your Favorite Color(s): I love blue!! I like all different shades of blue :) I also like grays :)

    I started following your blog as well :) :)

  5. Hello! Found you through the Crochet on Ravelry group. Thank you for offering this giveaway!

    • Favorite Thing(s) to Crochet: Short-sleeved cropped cardigans

    •Favorite Fiber(s) (for serious work, or just for fun) Cotton-acrylic or cotton-bamboo

    •Favorite Weight of Yarn to Work With DK for the cardis, but I'm starting to use fingering for other things

    •Favorite Color(s) Burnt orange or "apricot," gold/yellow, red, tan, peach

  6. How fun!
    Your Favorite Thing(s) to Crochet: Amigurami is my favorite, but I also make lots of hats
    Your Favorite Fiber(s) (for serious work, or just for fun): Alpaca. I do use acrylic for my amigurami
    Your Favorite Weight of Yarn to Work With: Worsted, sock
    Your Favorite Color(s): green, purple, autumn colors

  7. Wow - congratulations on such a milestone! I just found you through Ravelry but I must say, I will definitely be playing catch-up and hanging out for the rest of this ride.

    As for what you asked...

    * I love to crochet granny squares. They are just so sweet and versatile and homey. I have a shameless love affair with grannys.

    * My favorite fiber would honestly be acrylic... you know, the soft and squishy but not easily split kind. Does that make sense?

    * My favorite weight is DK or Worsted. Anything less than DK is just too fiddly for me.

    * My favorite colors... oh wow, this is hard. How about I just say that I like bright, happy colors. Will that work?

    I also wanted to let you know that I am now following you through GoogleConnect, I have liked your page on Facebook and am following you on Twitter as well. I don't want to miss a thing.

    Congratulations again - I'm off to play catch up!

  8. Congrats on your first year!!! :0)

    fav things to hook: child/baby sweaters, hats, cowls, slippers
    fav fiber: ummm...all...LOL...probably wool/silk blends though!
    fav weight: DK or worsted, however I work in all of them!
    fav colors: greens, purples, reds, blues...not so much browns/yellows/oranges

  9. extra entry - following blog! :0)

  10. extra entry - fan of recrochetions on facebook! :0)

  11. extra entry - posted giveaway to facebook! :0)

  12. extra entry - blogged here:

  13. extra blog entry #2 - blogged here:

  14. Wow those are some beautiful crochet hooks! Lovely prizes all around ♥

    Your Favorite Thing(s) to Crochet: slippers &toys
    Your Favorite Fiber(s): wool
    Your Favorite Weight of Yarn to Work With: dk
    Your Favorite Color(s): naturals

    Congratulations on 1 year! ♥

  15. Congratulations on 30,000 views! I was excited when my little blog passed 1,000 a few weeks ago, so I have viewer envy :^)

    Your Favorite Thing(s) to Crochet: I'm very much a newby crocheter and long-time knitter. I made my first crochet project, some Easter Eggs, this past spring and will be taking on a few granny squares for a fund-raising afghan this month. I hope to improve my skills so I can make all the adorable amigurumi I see on Ravelry.

    Your Favorite Fiber(s) (for serious work, or just for fun): I very much prefer natural fibers, except maybe a little nylon (10% or so) for durability in sock yarns. Lately I'm in love with Blue Faced Leicester.

    Your Favorite Weight of Yarn to Work With: I don't really have one, tho lately I'm on a fingering weight kick.

    Your Favorite Color(s): Teal, Purples, Blues, Greens, especially jewel tones.

  16. Congrats first on 30,000 views! Thats incredible...I havent had one view or follower yet, but I just started up and have only posted twice (the second one includes your blog :) )

    •Your Favorite Thing(s) to Crochet: Right now I have a few favorites, I love making character hats, and baby items (blankets, toys, hats, etc..)
    •Your Favorite Fiber(s) (for serious work, or just for fun) i love em all! :) ive been working with a lot of cotton right now though

    •Your Favorite Weight of Yarn to Work With: worsted weight, or bulky. they can be used in so many ways :)

    •Your Favorite Color(s)
    Dark blue and lime green!! :)

    i am a fan of yours on facebook (stacy blass), as well as posted about this in my blog (, also shared on my personal facebok. I also follow this blog! :)

    Thanks for the chance to win some incredible prizes!! :)

  17. Favorite things to crochet: Prayer Shawls and afghans (at the present time)

    Favorite fibers: acrylic yarns

    Favorite weight of yarn: worsted weight or Fun Fur

    Favorite Color: Hot Pink/Lime Green

    Just became a fan on Facebook, Marsha's Crochet Madness

  18. Love your winning design! Here's some info on me:

    Your Favorite Thing(s) to Crochet - baby hats and sweaters
    Your Favorite Fiber(s) (for serious work, or just for fun) - acrylic and merino blends
    Your Favorite Weight of Yarn to Work With - worsted weight (4)
    Your Favorite Color(s) - any shade of purple/lavender

  19. Love the vest!
    Your Favorite Thing(s) to Crochet - well, I can do amigurumi with adult supervision
    Your Favorite Fiber(s) (for serious work, or just for fun) - wool, wool/silk
    Your Favorite Weight of Yarn to Work With - knitting: chunky or better, weaving: worsted or better: crochet: anything not splitty
    Your Favorite Color(s) - greens/aquas or orange. not together.

  20. Ok, this is not goingto show me as glitterbear when it formerly showed me as ernieducks. Love the google. Entries PS: I liked Recrochetions on FB, following it on twitter (@gender_rebel), link posted on FB, and I know this doesn't get extra entries but we've shown our whole fiber group the vest, to many oooh's and aaahhh's. J & J.

    1. Hey! But I happen to know J&J are 2 people, so I think each acct gets an entry. :) Thanks for the share! I was pleased to discover that I am apparently the only designer (crochet or knit) named Laurinda on Ravelry, so easy to find if anyone from your group wants to see what else I do. :)

  21. Congratulations on your initative! Success is at hand. I enjoy crocheting flowers as they are small and varied.

  22. Can't resist :)
    Your Favorite Thing(s) to Crochet: critters and random things my kids ask for
    Your Favorite Fiber(s) (for serious work, or just for fun): any natural fibers
    Your Favorite Weight of Yarn to Work With: whatever the most basic is, worsted?
    Your Favorite Color(s): blues, greens, purples...

  23. Your Favorite Thing(s) to Crochet=newborn photo props
    Your Favorite Fiber(s) (for serious work, or just for fun)=anything I can get my hands on
    Your Favorite Weight of Yarn to Work With=either light worsted or thick n thin
    Your Favorite Color(s)greens (especially chartreuse or lime), purples

    extra entry for liking Recrochetions

  24. How fun! :)

    Your Favorite Thing(s) to Crochet: Afghans and amigurumi.
    Your Favorite Fiber(s) (for serious work, or just for fun): Right now, I like the washable wool stuff...Umm. Name? Can't think of it.
    Your Favorite Weight of Yarn to Work With: Worsted.
    Your Favorite Color(s): Cheerful bright colors. If pressed, my favorite color right now is orange.

  25. Your Favorite Thing(s) to Crochet: Afghans (I also knit, and I do that more for garments, but crochet is great for the household stuff).
    Your Favorite Fiber(s) (for serious work, or just for fun): Wool.
    Your Favorite Weight of Yarn to Work With: Anything from fingering to aran (I'm not a fan of bulky yarns).
    Your Favorite Color(s): Green, blue, brown, black.

  26. Favorite Thing(s) to Crochet: I crochet toys and blankets mostly.

    Favorite Fiber(s): I seem to have a thing for mohair, but I also like extra fine merino and cashmere :-)

    Favorite Weight of Yarn to Work With: The only yarn weight I don't like working with is bulky.

    Favorite Color(s): blues

    I also tweeted about this, and have signed up to follow the blog. Thanks for the great giveaway, and your Rowan vest is absolutely AMAZING! Congratulations on your win. You are really talented...

    1. Hello Jean! You are the big winner! I hope this message finds you. Please email me your snail mail address and Ravelry name at laurindar3atgmaildotcom. And let me know what yarns besides mohair you would like, maybe some cotton for making toys? That's what I like to use. I do have mohair to send you as well, and blue is easy as most of my stash is blues and greens. How do you feel about a mostly dark green mohair with bits of navy blue, burgandy, and gold? I have several skeins of this, and will include it if you think you can use it. :)

  27. Hi,

    I've just popped over from Ravelry! What a wonderful giveaway!

    My Favorite Thing(s) to Crochet are shawls and scarves and cardigans and gloves and hats; it depends on my mood! Hats are always good.

    My Favorite Fiber(s) (for serious work, or just for fun) are mostly acrylic/wool blends, although plain superwool is OK too.

    My Favorite Weight of Yarn to Work With is aran because it works up quickly and there are so very many patterns that use it. I also like double knitting but I'm less keen on the finer yarns.

    My Favorite Color(s) are most of the mid to dark shades of blue and wine red. On the whole I prefer darker, jewel colours to pastels.

    I've joined your blog (although I'll be following in a blog reader), I've started following you on Twitter and I've tweeted this giveaway.

  28. Wow, this is just so full of awesome!
    Your Favorite Thing(s) to Crochet: Hats (for the VA, they helped my dad a lot), and kittie blankets for the Humane Society
    Your Favorite Fiber(s) (for serious work, or just for fun); Acrylic - its just so easy to keep clean
    Your Favorite Weight of Yarn to Work With - Worsted, works up fast, but not too fast. :-)
    Your Favorite Color(s): Off-white and purple (but not togheter :-) )

    Congrats and Thanks for the great give-away!

  29. Just found your blog though someone on Facebook. Congrats on ALL of the Views and the Giveaway!!

    1.)Your Favorite Thing(s) to Crochet--- right now HATS!! :)

    2.)Your Favorite Fiber(s) (for serious work, or just for fun)--- anything I can get my hand on... usually worsted weight.

    3.)Your Favorite Weight of Yarn to Work With
    Your Favorite Color(s): usually worsted weight. I LOVE Purple!!

    How to get Extra Entries!

    1.)Follow This Blog---- DONE
    2.)Follow ReCrochetions on Twitter---DONE
    3.)"Like" ReCrochetions on Facebook --DONE

    4.)Post or Tweet about the Giveaway with a link back to this blog post---!/neesiecat
    5.)I ALSO shared it on Facebook---


  30. congrats on your first yr.. I love medium weight yarn.. horrible pain with threads.. and purple and sage green are my favorite colors

  31. Congratulations on so many views and your first year as a designer! :D

    Favorite things to crochet:

    Blankets - all sizes from baby to adult
    Hats - all sizes

    Extra Entries:

    Followed This Blog
    Followed ReCrochetions on Twitter
    "Liked" ReCrochetions on Facebook

    Big Hugs,

  32. (Couldn't figure out how to comment without signing up for an account I don't have. Hopefully this ancient URL is still valid enough to pass? :)
    Favorite thing to crochet: stuff to play with, or fun & funky hats.
    Favorite fiber to work with: anything all natural--cotton, alpaca, bamboo, wool.
    Favorite colors: depends on the project...bright candy-store colors or muted forest colors
    Extra entries:
    Liked ReCrochetions on Facebook
    Um...I follow this blog on Facebook; does that count? *laugh*
    Shared this blog & your ReCrochetions on Facebook

    Love following your daily (daily!) progress to rockstar-level fiber artiste!

  33. I'm sneaking in an entry before the deadline. :)

    Your Favorite Thing(s) to Crochet: Large granny square blankets, patternless dresses and lately small things like dishcloths that can be used as gifts.

    Your Favorite Fiber(s) (for serious work, or just for fun): Natural fibers (wool, alpaca, etc.) but I'm super surious about your art yarn. And really I'll work with almost anything.

    Your Favorite Weight of Yarn to Work With: Sock or Worsted, depending on the project

    Your Favorite Color(s): Blues and Greys and I can always use more black and white. I like variegated yarn better than solid but I'm super easy :)

  34. Extra entries:

    I'm a Twitter follower.
    I just became a Facebook follower. (How was I not already one?!)
    And I tweeted. :)

    Congrats on your views!!

  35. Love ur vest. Congrats. I like to crochet a variety of things, mostly wearables. I make a lot of gifts, so it varies, though I use worsted and #3 the most. I like trying different fibers, but tend to stay away from hand wash wools. Pinks, teals, purple, off white, blue, gray, beige colors. Thanks for the giveaway

  36. I am loving this giveaway! What a generous way to celebrate!
    My answers:
    I love to crochet dishcloths and thus cotton yarn. Wool yarns make me itch!
    Having a new love affair with lace cotton, too!
    I make things for my young daughters to wear, too.
    I love cotton and acrylic yarns in bright, happy colors. But my favorites are blues.
    I follow on twitter and Facebook.
    I'm thrilled to be a part of your community and celebration!

  37. Great giveaway! I love to crochet toys and things for my house. Blankets and clothes are my nemeses due to my lack of patience to finish large projects! I love cotton yarns best, but also love silky bamboo and soft merino. My favourite colours are muted berry type colours, navy, neutral greys and caramels. In the uk our basic go-to yarn is DK which is like your sport weight I think.

    Also follow you on twitter and will retweet the link to this great giveaway :)

  38. Congrats on a great first year! Thanks for the great giveaway. Right now my favorite thing to crochet is baby things. I will have 3 new grandchildren by the end of the year, making 11! Favorite fiber is cotton or a blend. Favorite weight is worsted. Favorite color is blues. But anything,pink,red,green,purple,aqua..etc. I follow you on Facebook.

  39. Congratulations on your first year. I crochet baby items. I love Carom yarn. Favorite color, purple, I follow on facebook and twitter. I crochet, and make bag lunches and talk to youth groups in memory of my daughter Lisa Beth (24) who I lost in 1991, and my son JohnPaul Patrick (21) who I lost in 2009. There is no way to explain the pain. I am sorry for your loss. Blessings to you

  40. Congratulations!!
    I like to crochet bright things. Flowers, purses, anything with lots of bright colors. I really like any fiber, I like to try new things. The yarn weight I work with the most is worsted weight. I am following you on fb as well, fun page!

  41. i like to crochet anything for kids or baby scince i am a mom of 4 and have a beautiful niece. I am on a hat kick right now...i like to work with a variety of fibers...I like to experiment. I work with worsted weight or sport weight the most.. my favorite color is purple and I try to incorporate it in any gift..its a little reminder of me! I do like to make colorful items as well this give away is the hooks!

  42. Such a Fantastic Giveaway!!

    Your Favorite Thing(s) to Crochet: I like to make hats and headbands, handwarmers as well as neck wraps. That is just now. You know that could change anytime!

    Your Favorite Fiber(s) (for serious work, or just for fun) I just LOVE fiber in any form. I love to touch it, squeeze it and SMELL it! I love soft and I love shine!

    Your Favorite Weight of Yarn to Work With: I really like variety! It gets boring just working with one weight. I like to mix it up!

    Your Favorite Color(s)Periwinkle and sage green. Though I love color in general. Give me a set of good color combos and I will work with anything!

  43. I shared your blog on my personal FB page as well as my Business page!

  44. xtra entry for liking recrocetions :)

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